Reasons You May Need a TRS Audio Cable at Home


There's something gratifying about setting up your own audio system successfully. Whether you are designing your home theater or wiring your backyard deck so you and your guests can enjoy tunes at your next barbecue, you will likely need a tip-ring-sleeve or TRS audio cable to do the job right.

What Is a TRS Audio Cable?

Many audio cables have just a tip and a sleeve. This type of mono cord allows sound to travel from the source to the stereo output. For example, if you are plugging a guitar into a simple amp, you probably just need a tip-sleeve cable to connect them.

By contrast, a TRS cable also includes a ring. When an application needs three wires to function optimally, this feature helps to maintain balance and reduce noise. There is less of an opportunity for feedback or other types of interference from competing sound waves. Because of this, the TRS cable is essential for many home sound system projects.

When Do You Need a TRS Cable?

On the surface, it may seem like any connector will work, especially if all you want to do is project sound. Even if you only need to connect your sound card to your microphone for your karaoke party, though, it makes sense to use equipment that is going to result in the best sound with the fewest complications. There are several projects in which a TRS audio cable may come in handy.

Sound Studios

Professional musicians and people who do transcription work from home need to be able to minimize extraneous noise that isn't meant to be part of the transmission so their work can be accurate. When you want to ensure noise reduction so you can get a quality recording or hear what is being said clearly, a TRS cable is essential.

Outdoor Sound Systems

Getting high-quality sound outside is usually a challenge, but it's next to impossible with a simple TS connection. Using a TRS cable helps you reduce the interference in the system itself so that what comes out of your speakers is clear.

Home Theaters

You can use a TRS audio cable with many devices in your home theater system:

  • •  Blu-ray or DVD player
  • •  Television or projector
  • •  Speakers
  • •  Computer or laptop
  • •  Cable box or gaming console

Even with applications where a TS cable would suffice, a TRS cable can provide the same function with more versatility.

Home Security Systems

The same radio interference that can affect the sound on your phone or TV can also disrupt signals sent by your home security system. TRS cables can keep those connections clear and reliable.

Where Can You Get a TRS Audio Cable?

Finding the equipment that will work the best for the specific project you are tackling doesn't have to be a guessing game. Our sound specialists at GearIT can advise you on decisions from how long the cord should be to the type of cable you need. Visit our store to find the right TRS audio cable to make your system the envy of the neighborhood.