6 Tips To Help With Your Cable Management



If you’ve ever had the displeasure of trying to untangle a mess of extension cords or stereo wires, you know how much of a headache it can be. Instead of putting yourself through that again, follow these cable management tips. That way, you can enjoy crisp audio, video and internet access with minimal hassle.

1. Cable Management Solutions Improve Your Home Office

By keeping wires and power cords out of the way, you can stay focused on productivity in your home office. Forget about getting tangled up in cords. Modern cable organization solutions keep your workspace as spacious and streamlined as possible.

  • •  Device cable holders: Wire cable stations rest snugly on your desk. When you need to charge your smartphone, plug in an ethernet cable or back up your data to an external hard drive, the connectors you need are all right there.
  • •  Desk-mounted cable organizers: These organizers sit under your desk, lifting power cords, HDMI cables, ethernet cables and USB hubs off the floor and out of the way.
  • •  Cable raceways: There are many types of cable raceways, from decorative styles to ones with multiple channels. They help you conceal, protect and organize cables, especially for wall-mounted devices such as TVs.

2. Labels Make Cable Management Easier

With a label maker, it only takes a few seconds to tag wires for your PC display, router, TV, streaming device, home audio system, projector or other components. When you get a gorgeous new smart TV, you don’t need to dig through a tangle of wires to figure out what to unplug.

3. Tech Pouches Protect Your Cables

Investing in a dedicated gear bag for cables, hubs and cords is a smart move whether you’re an IT pro or a home DIY enthusiast. Keep long extension cords and exterior audiovisual cables stored safely in the streamlined case.

That way, when you upgrade to a new gaming PC, home theater system or sound mixer, you can quickly find everything you need. There’s room for specialized gear, too, such as TRS to XLR adapters for karaoke night.

4. You Can Match Cable Management With Interior Design

The last thing you want is a multitude of cables ruining your design vision. Combine organization, safety and style thanks to cord-concealing boxes that are large enough for power strips and device cables. Some options are paintable and others feature attractive materials such as wood.

5. Surge Protectors Are Functional and Fabulous

Surge protectors are a huge help for organizing electronic devices. Even with Wi-Fi helping your gadgets connect, the equipment still needs power cords and AC adapters to function. Instead of running endless devices to a wall outlet, place a surge protector within easy reach and keep those plugs mostly out of sight.

6. Cable Management Starts With the Right Cables

Stop trying to pull a MacGyver by combining smaller audiovisual cables with electrical tape. Not only does this deliver poor sound and video performance, but it looks unattractive.

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