Why You Need a USB Hub in Your Home Office

laptop usb hub

Cameras, smartphones, smart watches, earbuds, and many other devices need to connect to USB ports to transfer data or charge their batteries. If you work from home, you probably have many devices for work or personal use that need a USB connection. A USB hub can be an ideal solution.

Reasons To Use a USB Hub

Most PCs, laptops, and even some consumer electronic devices, such as gaming systems and televisions, come equipped with USB connections. However, if you need to connect multiple devices, you may not have enough or the right type of connections. A hub converts a single USB port into multiple ports. There are multiple reasons you may need to use a hub.

Not Enough Ports on Your Laptop

Many laptops, particularly those designed to be small and use less power, only have two USB ports. If you use a USB mouse and keyboard with your laptop, you may not have any open ports for charging devices or transferring data. Additionally, you may have legacy devices that don't connect to the type of USB port on your newer laptop. A USB hub can expand both the number and type of connections.

You Need To Charge Multiple Devices at the Same Time

If you are working on a small laptop, you probably don't have enough ports or enough power to charge multiple devices at the same time. A powered hub provides you with plenty of ports to charge your phone, tablet, camera, and other gear, and you don't need to have your computer powered on or even on your desk to use it.

You Need To Transfer a Lot of Data

If you need to transfer data to multiple devices at the same time, such as multiple external hard drives, a USB hub can make this process much easier. Rather than having to hook up each device individually and transfer the data multiple times, you can hook all the devices up to your hub and transfer the files at the same time.

Declutter a Tight Workspace

If you are working in a tight workspace, you may not be able to position your desktop computer or laptop so that the USB ports are easily accessible. Using a hub allows you to connect your devices more easily and doesn't create as much clutter on your desktop because you can control the wire placement.

Set Up a Workstation

If you are a digital artist or do some other type of work that requires you to connect many devices, such as scanners, hard drives, and webcams, to your workstation, a USB hub makes this much easier. Adding a hub to your setup both increases the number of ports you can use and provides you with easier access to them.

Where To Buy a USB Hub

Gear It has a variety of USB hub options, including powered and unpowered models, keyboard hubs, docking stations, and adaptors. No matter what your connection needs are, we can help. Visit us online to learn more about our products or make a purchase.