GearIt Universal Travel AC Adapter Wall Charger Converter Plug to US EU AU UK

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GearIt Universal Travel AC Adapter Wall Charger Converter Plug to US EU AU UK

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  • GearIt universal all in one travel adapter include plugs for US, UK, EU, AU (Supports more than 150 Countries)
  • Simultaneous usage of AC adapter and USB port to charge and power your laptop and phone
  • USB port: 1A 5V. AC Output: 6A 100-250V (Attention: adapter does not convert AC voltage)
  • Safe power switch LED indicator for adapter AC power
  • Portable and lightweight - include travel carrying pouch for easy transport
  • Overview

    Mini Universal Travel Adapter w/ 1 Port USB output

    The GearIT Mini Universal Travel adapter w/ 1 port USB output built with the All-IN-ONE design has 5 plugs all in one small case and also plays as a 1 port USB charger for your USB devices, so once you leave the Country, the travel adapter gives you World Wide Coverage for the UK, EU and AU, with compatibility in over 150 Countries!

    The ALL-IN-ONE Mini Travel adapter will power your laptop, computer or other portable devices through the Universal AC power output, while also allowing you to charge 1 USB device, including your tablet or phone or other USB devices supporting 1A output on the USB port.

    The All-In-One Design makes switching and plugging in a breeze.

    Comes standard with LED lights that will indicate when AC power is active and a Safe power switch which allows for switching between UK/EU and US/AU to receive power only through that specific plug.



    The AC power port does not convert power voltage. Please ensure your mobile device and electronics are rated to handle both 120 ~ 125V and 220-250V standards.

    If your electronic US power plug device does not support 220-250V, please do not (more...)