GearIt 7W Portable Power Foldable Solar Panel Charger for Android iPhone GoPro

GearIt 7W Portable Power Foldable Solar Panel Charger for Android iPhone GoPro

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  • High-efficiency solar panel constructed of monocrystalline silicon. Compatible with your iPhone, Android device, GPS, GoPro and more, this solar panel enables charge speeds of up to 1.1 amp (1100mAh) under direct sunlight.
  • The 7 watt 6.5V monocrystalline silicon solar array is 17-18% high-efficient which provides enough power to charge two devices through dual USB ports at once.
  • Ultra lightweight (1.13 pounds) and ultra compact (6.4 × 10.4in folded or 19.6 × 10.4in opened). Perfect charging pack to bring anywhere there is Sun.
  • High quality waterproof nylon for weather-resistant outdoor durability. Well-placed loops allow easy attachment to backpacks while hiking.
  • Package contents: GearIt high-efficiency 7W solar panel, 1ft Micro USB cable, carabiner clip, specs sheet. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Overview

    GearIT Solar Panel Charger 7W

    The Sun produces in one second over a 100 times what the US uses in one year!  The mystery that has eluded mankind for ages is how to harness that energy.  Now GearIT solar power chargers provide you with a solution for harvesting and charging your mobile devices using this energy.

    Other charging solutions such as wall chargers, USB ports and battery backups are limited as to where they can be used or can only provide as much power as the cell can hold.  With the GearIT Solar Panel Charger, you are able to charge any device wherever direct Sunlight is present.

    GearIT solar packs come equipped with a carabiner for latching and attaching onto a back pack, making your solar panel charger one of the greatest accessories for the outdoors!

    There are 6 different models with enhanced power ratings, each one offering a step above on how quickly your devices can be charged.  GearIT carries 6 different panel wattages of 7W, 10W, 14W, 20W and our smaller efficient 5.6 and 11Watt panels.

    Note* USB Port 1 and 2 share the Solar panels charging current.  Meaning if your iPad Air 2 takes 2100mAh and your smart phone takes 1000mAH and are using the 20Watt Solar Pack with a 3200mAH (more...)